Home to shopping havens like The Americana at Brand and The Glendale Galleria, Glendale has a population of 201,000 people and offers some of the best authentic Middle Eastern food, culture and more. Glendale is also home to the largest Armenian diaspora, and its’ population is roughly estimated to be about 40% Armenian. Surrounded by cities like Pasadena, La Crescenta, Silverlake and Burbank, Glendale is in the center of it all. It iis ranked as one of the Top 10 safest cities in the United States. Because of its urban and suburban mix, Glendale is a popular place for families to grow and raise children. It even has an award-winning school district. In addition to its family-friendly streets, including the famous Kenneth Village known for its classic and vintage atmosphere, Glendale also has unique luxury apartments around popular shopping areas, becoming a hot destination for young adults who like the community feel to Glendale as well as its bustling nightlife area in the center. Because of its proximity to Downtown and other areas, it’s also a very popular place to live near the action while not being quite in the center. Glendale is home to many historic areas and is a major urban city now. One of the most iconic streets is Brand Blvd, which includes hundreds of businesses and dining options, as well as the famous Brand Blvd of Cars section that has multiple auto dealerships. With beautiful trails and hilltops not too far from the iconic Blvd, Brand Park is one of the most popular parks in the area. The 31 acre park is nestled at the base of the Verdugo Mountains and offers hiking and biking trails, basketball court, softball field, picnic areas and more. The city has more than 20 parks across its over 30 mile radius.