West Hollywood

West Hollywood Known for its high-energy and bustling nightlife, it boasts the iconic Sunset strip and plenty of celebrity spots. From its iconic comedy clubs and live music venues, like The Troubadour, West Hollywood’s most famous street is Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Blvd. It borders Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Los Angeles. The popular L.A. city has become known to be The Creative City and is always ahead of the game in all things fashion, art and music. With bright lights and an ubiquitous energy, West Hollywood is best known for its nightlife and its rock-music history. It’s also home to the largest gay nightlife district in the Los Angeles area. Because of its large LGBT population, West Hollywood hosts one of the largest Pride Festivals every year and also has some of the best Halloween events yearly as people from all over fill the streets with unique costumes. Over a million people come to West Hollywood for its Halloween events annually. From Drag Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s, to drinks and food at The Abbey, West Hollywood has some of the most lively activities for young professionals. With health and fitness places all over the town, West Hollywood also has Farmers’ Markets going on every single day of the week. From a Farmers’ Market on Melrose Place on Sundays, to the one on The Sunset Strip on Thursdays and the one on Fountain Ave on Mondays, The Farmer’s Market at the Grove is open everyday of the week. Because of its abundance of attractions, West Hollywood is a popular tourist attraction. Thanks to shopping areas like the Grove, which offers free open air concerts and movie screenings alongside plenty of shopping and dining areas. The Beverly Center is also one of the largest shopping centers in the area and with luxurious stores like Louis Vuitton, there’s never a dull moment in this city of lights.

Westwood: Nestled on the Westside of Los Angeles, Westwood is a commercial and residential neighborhood that is bordered by Beverly Hills and Century City. The eclectic community is home to Westwood Village, the Hammer Museum, the Geffen Playhouse and is next to the UCLA campus. With quaint coffee shops and casual eateries, to a hub or shops and exquisite dining, Westwood is in the heart of Los Angeles. Throughout the 5.1 square miles of land, Westwood has a population of about 16,000. The urban neighborhood brings in a diverse crowd of people. From locals to visitors, students, young professionals in the entertainment industry and celebrities, Westwood is no stranger to diversity. As a college town, the neighborhood has something going on at all times. The pedestrian-friendly enclave is mostly a walkable community and while many places can be walked to, Westwood has a transit-friendly area with plenty of bikes, electric scooters, and public transportation. The family-friendly town also has several reputable public schools under the LA Unified School District, making it a popular place for growing families as well as young adults. With an abundance of amenities and activities throughout the neighborhood, there is plenty of museums, attractions, parks, and restaurants. Other landmarks and well known attractions in Westwood include the Fowler Museum, the Playboy Mansion, Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA, Fox Theatre and more. Around the community’s commercial hub south of UCLA, the Fox Village Theatre, the Janss building, the Fox Bruin Theatre and the Bratskeller/Egyptian Theatre in Westwood Village have become official historic landmarks in Westwood. In close proximity to some of the best beaches and recreation areas in Los Angeles County, the premiere west side neighborhood is near beach cities like Malibu and Santa Monica, giving easy access to locals who want to enjoy both water activities as well as hiking trails, bird watching, camping, and more near the Santa Monica Mountains.