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We pioneer in installing home entertainment and security systems. Our team of experienced and trained technicians assists home and business owners ensure every piece of technology in their space is installed correctly and placed for optimum performance and utility. We are skilled in installing home theater systems, CCTV security cameras, smart home systems, home networking and calibration, and Internet systems. Contact us today to get a quote!

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What we do

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Our experience, expertise, and commitment make us stand out of the crowd. We offer standard and customized installation services across Los Angeles and strive to live up to our customers’ expectations and meet their requirements. Whether it’s a simple TV installation and mounting or a complex set up of home theatre and audio-video calibration, Installation King is available for all type entertainment and network installation services. We maintain competitive and reasonable rates to suit the budget of all our customers. We take pride in our team of technicians. They go through methodical training programs that make them highly qualified and meticulous in their work. Our technicians and designers are always reachable whether you need them right now or at a later schedule.

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