Conference Room A/V

Conference Room A/V

Our team of designers and technicians organize the acoustics and visual displays of your conference rooms and auditoriums no matter how big or small.

We make sure your presentations and meetings are communicated through high-quality technology. Our first step is to conduct a site survey and offer you a list of options that suit your requirements.

Consultations Start at Only: $75

Our designers and technicians help your organization in every step of the process of designing, installing and completing your conference room to the utmost highest standard. Whether it’s a room with a single small table and folding chairs, or a larger auditorium style room, Installation King will provide you with the best solutions for all of your needs. We’ll give you advice on the best wiring options, positioning, input and output, best sound and video options because Installation King can do it all. We provide amazing service and have the best tech equipment for all our clients.

Technologies that can transform a conference room can be helpful with group collaborations, automation and even room control. Audio and visuals play a key role in expanding communication capabilities, connectivity and innovation. Whether you are running a small business or a big company, you need smooth systems and good technology to rely on when it comes to collaborating with coworkers, setting up conferences and more. With the help of Installation King’s technicians, your meetings will run smoothly and business won’t have to waste time or resources on pesky issues like wires being done incorrectly and videos not finding connection. From videoconferencing, speakers and microphones to displays and control systems, we’re here to help you facilitate the kind of meetings that you need.

We’re here to make your conference room’s functionality our top priority. With easy to use tech gear and setups that are accessible to everyone, Installation King makes your conference room more inviting. Conference rooms are hubs for a unified communication experience and the best way to maximize collaboration experiences in meeting rooms are by upgrading to the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

Installation King offers consultations starting at only $75 to assess your conference room and design a more pleasant and productive space.

Our Conference Room Services

  • Site Surveys
  • MultiView Screen Walls
  • Telecom and VOIP
  • Projector and Screen
  • Flat Screen Mounting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Working with Architects
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Acoustic Control
  • Microphone & PA
  • Soundproofing Solutions

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