Universal Remote Control set Up

Universal Remote Control set Up

Do you have more remote controls than hands? With our experience in smart remote programming, we simplify controlling different entertainment devices with an all-in-one remote control.

Our technicians are skilled in programming brands like Harmony, URC, RTi, and others. We can install hardwired or RF repeaters to control devices that are inside your cabinets.

More remote controls than hands? Call us, and we will provide and program your choice of an all-in-one remote control to simplify your life and minimize the need for extra remotes. Our techs are trained and skilled in programming brands like Harmony, URC, Savant and RTi, among many others. We can set up a universal remote control or an app, whichever one you prefer. Starting programs with a click of a button has never been easier!

Is your equipment hidden behind cabinet doors? No problem, we can also install hardwired or RF repeaters so you control the equipment inside your cabinet. Your systems will run efficiently, and space will be pleasant to look at!

Having your entertainment system set up with multiple audio and visual gear can mean having a lot of remotes around. In lieu of having to use more remotes to make sure all your components are on and ready, a universal remote can be programmed to control all the different pieces of your home system with the push of a button. Alternatively, you can have one app to control all the equipment in one place.

Trust Installation King to have your universal remote control set up properly and efficiently. With hundreds of codes and numerous manufacturers, we can have your universal remote control ready for simple and intuitive operation for all of your equipment.

Our services Include:

  • Consultation and providing equipment
  • Programming Remote Controls
  • Installing Remote Repeaters if requested or required
  • Instructing you on operating the new remote control and equipment as programmed
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