TV installation

Step 1

Choose the size of the TV and the place where you would like to install it

Standard installation on the wall

Installation above the fireplace

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Frame TV/Gallery Style TV

Step 2

If you’re looking to install a Gallery style TV such as LG G1/G2 or Samsung Frame — choose the size, please

TV installation only

Installation with recessed box

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Installation Surface

Step 3

Let us know if the installation surface is a regular drywall or other than the drywall

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Step 4

Let us know if we could supply mounting equipment for your TV

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Cable Management

Step 5

Let us know if you need any type of cable management

Regular wall

Above a Fireplace

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Additional Services

Step 6

Let us know if you want to add anything else to the Soundbar. Got all the items but missing few details? Let us help you with that! Choose necessary

Installation and mount



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