Home Network & WI-FI Installation

Home Network & WI-FI Installation

You can skip having a coffee maker, but not a Wi-Fi connection. Everyone has it and everyone has to have it. Yes, Wi-Fi installation has become simpler over the years, but the fact remains that you will have disrupted network if you don’t do it right.

At Installation Kings, we not only install and set up your Wi-Fi network, but also provide solutions to cover up the chaos of tangled wires. If your Wi-Fi is unusually slow, it’s time to take a look behind the curtains.

Bad Wifi Connection? Slow network? Installation King can recommend and install the correct home networking setup and solutions. We can install network cabling, connect to the cloud, setup Internet routers and switches, Wifi Access Points and Extenders, and get your network running at the highest speeds possible. Need to set up a secure VPN? Our techs will set up your Virtual Private Network and get it up and running.

Services Start at: $125

Count on Installation King for all of Your In-Home Networking and WiFi Needs

Inspect and survey location for best Networking/WiFi to identify problems and recommend solutions
Run network cables if required
Install and connect all needed Internet routers, switches, and WiFi components
Setup WiFi access on components as needed, verify performance

Same day service

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“Good service is hard to come by these days, Installation King gets it though. Even a follow up call to ensure the install met my expectations. I wish all my renovation contractors were this good and this thorough.”