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Calibrate Your Stereo and Visuals

Starts at Only: $125 hour

Does your surround system really sound good? Are the levels and equalization done properly? Does the TV picture show you what you’re supposed to see? Is there anything bothering you?

Installation King offers video and audio calibration as well as setup to get your system tuned up to look and sound great! For equipment that supports it, we are trained for the full Audyssey Pro Calibration, plus various video calibration standards and systems. We work with brands like Klipsch, Martin Logan, KEF, TruAudio, Triad, Sonos, Denon, B&W, Sony, Episode, LG, Bose, Anthem, Integra, Onkyo, Samsung, and more. 

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If the room where your gear is set up wasn’t designed specifically for a listening experience, it most likely has an affect on how your sound system performs. Reflections on the walls make sound waves bounce. Audio calibration can help minimize these sort of bounces that can occur from furniture, ceiling fans, floors and more. Our professional team can assist with the acoustic in the room while calibrating and tuning the sound.

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Having your audio and video gear installed the right way doesn’t mean the performance is at its peak. With video sensor based calibration, Installation King can calibrate your display’s performance for a more enjoyable experience. We can help you with the settings to make sure that you enjoy your system’s performance at its best.

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Services Include:

Microphone based calibration of your equipment
Video Sensor based calibration
Personal adjustments upon client preferences 

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