July 11, 2022

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting A TV

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Mounting A TV

It is no surprise that most of us get really excited the minute your brand-new TV shows up at your doorstep. Nowadays, most modern TVs are designed to be mounted on the wall. Watching your favorite show at the end of the day is a great feeling, but watching it on a 65” TV on the wall elevates your experience to another level.

TV installation on the wall has grown in popularity, as it makes a great hack to incorporate it into your living room design. With your flat screen TV mounted on the wall, not only will everyone have a full view of the show, but your living room will appear more spacious to accommodate additional pieces of furniture. Moreover, TV mounting is a smart way of optimizing your viewing experience by setting it up at the ultimate angle.

Tv mounting and installation isn’t an easy job. It requires drilling of some holes and installing the brackets. The process can be overwhelming at times with technical manuals. If you do it yourself, you might overlook a significant step along the way. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes while mounting your TV to make the most out of it.

Not securing the bracket safely

Knowing basic information such as what type of wall you have, what is behind the drywall, where the studs are, is the first step needed for installing the bracket. Most of the time, TVs end up falling from the wall due to incorrect installation practice. Not finding a stud partition or utilizing the appropriate drywall method can risk the lifespan of your new TV.

Not utilizing the appropriate tools

Installing a bracket requires the use of an electric drill, as drilling the correct size of the holes is a vital step. In addition, avoid drilling holes in the wall that are too large for the cables to run through to prevent the entry of insects into the house. Moreover, make sure to use Rawl bolts, self-tapping screws, and plastic drywall anchors.

Stretching the cables that connect to the TV

Avoid stretching the cables that connect to your flat screen, as stretching them can result in damages and, in some cases, rip the ports off the motherboard. In such circumstances, replace your short cables with long RCA, HDMI, and power cables.

Not considering sun exposure

Many people fail to consider sun exposure or often realize their mistake when it is too late. Before TV installation, make sure that your chosen location and angle is not directed at the sun’s glare. Otherwise, you might not be able to make the most out of your watching experience.

Not using a level

TV mounts possess features like built-in bubble or spirit levels which help to level up your TV set about the mount. If you don’t have this feature, it is preferable to consider picking one up to ensure your flat screen is level and plumb. Failure to do so can lead to mount dysfunction.

Consider hiring an expert

Hiring an expert to handle the TV installation and mounting process remains the best alternative. To make the most out of your new screen, contact our team of professionals at Installation King, and we will ensure a hassle-free experience for you. With years of experience and the use of the appropriate tools, our experts provide TV mounting and installation services of great quality to all our customers.

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