July 11, 2022

How can Installation King make your life better?

How can Installation King make your life better?

Custom TV Mounts and Installation

Whether you’ve bought the newest flat screen plasma, or a beat up but useful older model, we can help. Setup and installation are both difficult for just about anyone, so why not let our experienced associates do the hard work for you? We mount and install anything ranging from 45” to 80”, and thanks to our instant pricing calculator tool, you can get a worry and commitment free estimate in just a matter of seconds.

Not quite sure what mounting service you want to use? We get it. You only buy a couple televisions every few years, yet all the options available make it seem like you have to be a professional to set up a nice entertainment center, and a magician to hide wires once you’re done.

You don’t have to be, but to get those perfect viewing angles and that perfect mount height, maybe it’s time to let the professionals help. Regardless of the type of TV, the type of mount, or the wall surfaces involved, we’ve got the right TV mount for the job.

Not a fan of drilling holes? Or maybe all those wires dangling from underneath your brand new flat screen tv just aren’t as appealing as you thought. You went through all the trouble of mounting a tv on the wall, just to be let down by the dozens of wires on the wall, impossible to ignore hanging at eye level. There can be dozens of different problems when it comes to mounted TVs, and for each and every problem, Installation King has a solution.

custom tv installation

It doesn’t matter where you want it mounted when it comes to us. Above the fireplace, in the garage, 20 feet up, or even into hard to mount material like brick or marble, we’ve got you covered.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and the expertise to install your dream television just about anywhere you can think of. Maybe it’s finally time to take that barbeque to the next level or host a backyard sporting event your friends will never forget. Both of which are possible, thanks to our waterproof mounts and a lifetime guarantee.

You can rest assured knowing that even though your favorite teams may lose a game from time to time, your television won’t. It’ll stay right where it’s at, eagerly awaiting the rematch you can’t wait to see on your new TV.

Smart Home = Happy Home 

Home automation used to be something we considered “technologically advanced” and too difficult for your average person to use without the proper training. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether it’s something to simply make your life a little easier, like turning on your heat or air conditioning, or maybe turning on those sprinklers outside without you having to get up from that comfortable spot after a hard day’s work, home automation is simple to use. Aside from the installation, just about anyone can run today’s modern systems with nothing more than a cell phone. TVs, home entertainment systems, security cameras, remote controlled door locks, and hands-free vacuum cleaners are just a few examples of an ever changing market that sees new advances and even more new products every single day.

Years ago, adding security to your home or business was something that seemed like only the wealthy could afford and the tech savvy could maintain, but modern technology has come a very long way. At Installation King, we can give you peace of mind again. You can reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have.

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