July 11, 2022

How To Avoid Mounting Mistakes

How To Avoid Mounting Mistakes

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home, are renovating your living space and want to add a new TV, or want to upgrade your office to include a flatscreen for meeting purposes, TV installation and TV mounting services are best left to the professionals. It’s exciting to come home to a brand new large, gleaming LED TV or flatscreen, but nothing would be more heartbreaking than if it was installed incorrectly and fall in the middle of the night or get damaged by not being installed properly.

Many people will often attempt to mount their TVs or flatscreens themselves, but to minimize simple mistakes that can be costly, it’s good to look into TV mount installation companies that know how to properly do TV wall installs.

1) Picking the right location

It’s easy to come home and pick the center of your wall and decide that’s where the TV is supposed to go. But just because something might look good somewhere, doesn’t mean it should be mounted there. TVs should be mounted on walls that offer the most comfortable viewing angle. However, you should take into consideration sun exposure. Direct sunlight can not only damage your flat screen over time but can make it unenjoyable to watch.

2) Where you’re installing

Other than location, it’s important to note what type of wall you’re installing your mount on. Wall mounts can’t be installed on drywall, as drywall on its own isn’t strong or durable enough to hold up something that weighs a lot, like your TVs. TVs and flatscreens should always be mounted on a solid wall that can hold the weight as well as the TV in place for as long as you desire.

3) Equipment

Another common mistake people might have when it comes to trying to do their own TV mount installation is not having the right equipment. Hiring a professional can guarantee you having the right supplies to make sure your TV installation is done correctly. TV on wall installs require specific drills, stud-finders and screwdrivers to properly align, center and maintain the mount on the wall. Professionals will make sure the wall mounts don’t come loose and hold your TV or flatscreen exactly where it’s supposed to be.

4) Choosing the Correct Mount

A common problem people run into when doing TV on wall installs is picking the wrong mount for your TV. Different TV mounts have different weight capacities. If you’re unfamiliar with your TV size and weight, choosing the correct wall mount is an important step. If you choose a wall mount that doesn’t fit your TV size, you risk having it lean from side to side if there’s movement. It can also potentially fall over if the TV is too heavy for the mount that’s been chosen.

TV installs are done professionally when you use a reputable company for your mounting services. To avoid mounting mistakes, call a professional for your TV wall mounting needs.

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