July 11, 2022

How To Safely Mount A TV On Your Wall Without A Stud

How To Safely Mount A TV On Your Wall Without A Stud

So you have finally decided that today is the day that you are going to go out and buy that big beautiful new 4K TV you have had your eyes on every time you walk into your nearby BestBuy or Walmart. The only problem is when you get home and check your ideal mounting walls, you then realize that you have no studs, only drywall to support your shiny new TV.

Installing a wall-mounted TV without hiring professional tv installers can prove to be a difficult task without studs. Even though typically, the drywall in your home can support up to 100 pounds in total weight, you are probably going to want to ensure that your TV will not fall onto the ground due to a lack of support holding up the wall mount. Listed below are five relatively easy-to-follow and straightforward TV wall-mounting techniques that I believe are the most effective when dealing with walls that don’t have any studs.


Assuming that most of the individuals reading this article are not highly skilled handymen, you are most likely searching for the most straightforward, non-headache-causing approach to installing a TV wall-mount without any studs. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to use an Anchor. These devices are commonly used to stop screws from dropping out of the holes, as well as avoiding any damage to the wall you decide to mount your new TV onto. The steps involved for installation are; drilling a hole, inserting the sleeve, and sliding in the anchor piece. It’s just as simple as that, folks.

Toggle Anchor

Using toggle anchors can be an effective way to hang a TV without any studs. This method will require a hollow wall anchor, which typically resembles a regular screw with a butterfly toggle attached to the end of it. This type of installation pulls on the entire wall as opposed to only the center, which, of course, could cause severe damage. Using a toggle anchor has proven to be a practical way to mount a TV without a stud, but be cautious when pairing with a full-motion wall mount. Hanging a TV on a wall without a stud can be reliable and safe when carefully considering the limitations of your walls and toggles.

Toggle anchor for TV mounting

Molly Bolts

Molly bolts are a good choice for an anchor when executing a no-studs TV mount. These bolts blend ease of installation and strength, with the largest molly bolts available on the market capable of holding up to 50 pounds. Generally, these bolts can be a tad bit more challenging to use over other drywall anchors, but they are solid and sufficient for a medium to heavily weighted mount. Molly bolts come in two different forms: pointed and non-pointed. Pointed molly bolts should always have a sharp tip that can be installed using a hammer. On the other hand, a non-pointed molly bolt, which is the best option when dealing with plaster walls, requires an installation hole to be made beforehand. Once you are confident that the molly bolt has been securely installed, you can remove the screw and replace it with the screws required for your TV mount.

Mounting Plate

A mounting plate can be an excellent choice when attempting to mount a TV without studs inside your walls. Mounting plates are most commonly made out of metal but can also be fashioned out of wood in some cases. This can be extremely helpful to carry the TV’s weight much easier and allows you to add more anchors, making the mount much more secure. One of the downsides to using a mounting plate is that it can be a bit unappealing in appearance. If you do go for this method of mounting, consider choosing a mounting plate that is smaller in size than your TV and is a color that meshes nicely with the aesthetics of the room.

Mount Your TV From The Ceiling

This is not a widely considered option, but hey, it’s still an option if you do not have any studs. This method tends to be quite a bit more time-consuming and physically demanding than the others, as well as, in some cases, not even possible, but practically all ceilings have some sort of beam, which can provide the same function that a stud would.

Mounting your brand new flat screen on your living room or bedroom wall doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. Utilize these five methods when attempting installation, and remember to proceed with caution to avoid any severe damage to your walls.

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