July 11, 2022

The Best Places To Mount Your TV

The Best Places To Mount Your TV

Television has become an important part of our daily lives throughout the years. It is one of the main methods of promoting ideas, advertisement, news, entertainment, and education. Every household in the US has at least one TV.

Our televisions are one of the major media networks that spread and promote information, education, and entertainment. In today’s world, our TVs can help us learn new cooking recipes, get fashionably inspired, catch up on the news, weather, and sports. In addition, with the latest innovations, you can binge on the best movies and dramatic series to keep you entertained, all at the touch of one button.

The big wooden boxes and TV cabinets are long gone now.  With advances in screen technology, the latest TVs are becoming thinner and larger in size every year, and the way they get displayed in our homes is changing as well. In fact, the lightness of modern TVs makes them easier to be mounted on the wall. As TVs deeper integrate in our lives, mounting a TV on the wall has grown in popularity for its numerous benefits.  

People have become more creative in finding places to mount their TVs, to make the movie or news watching experience more comfortable in every corner of our homes and offices. Here’s a list of possible areas to install your new flat screen, suggested by interior designers and homeowners, to make the most out of your favorite shows.

In the Bathroom

Some individuals don’t realize the number of hours they can spend in the bathroom. Whether you style your hair, perfect your makeup, or take that relaxing bubble bath to escape from your thoughts, it’s a perfect opportunity to watch a show you want when otherwise you don’t have time for it. For this reason, people opt for TV installation on the wall of the bathroom. With a classy bathroom, one can enjoy a warm bath while watching their favorite show, making it difficult to leave.

Inside the Fireplace

This one is a unique way of styling your living room, which obviously works best if you do not own a real functional fireplace. If you no longer desire to light up the real flame and deal with coals, you can add a nice element to fill the dark gap by installing a TV inside the fireplace. If you ever miss the cozy feeling of watching the flames, you can always pop in a DVD for a fireplace scenery at your home.

On the Backyard Deck

If you enjoy the outdoors and own a backyard or a garden, the best entertainment for you and your guests is a TV mounted on the wall. A flatscreen is a great addition to the backyard, because you’ll be able to watch an interesting football game while barbecuing, play a movie while enjoying the warm fire, or maybe even relax by the pool while watching your favorite series.

In the Kitchen

While the food-making process takes place in the kitchen, the source of motivation and new recipes comes from an interesting and professional cooking show. In order to combine both, the key is to install a TV on the kitchen wall. Mounting your TV on the wall can save up so much space. In addition, the dining room is where families spend time the most, so get cozy with your loved ones there!

In the Bedroom

Apart from the living room, another common choice of installing a TV is on the wall of your bedroom. Some individuals opt to enjoy their favorite shows alone. Nothing feels more relaxing than the warmness of the bed and binge watching the shows of your choice.

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