July 11, 2022

Tips for Installing Home Security Cameras

Tips for Installing Home Security Cameras

Today’s market offers a vast variety of efficient outdoor and indoor security cameras that come in handy for every homeowner. If you opt to install your surveillance system alone, it can be overwhelming. Hiring security camera installation professionals is the best alternative to avoid common mistakes while your head spins around because of all complicated instructions. After all, installing your surveillance system also includes planning, strategizing, and deciding the most efficient placements to make the most out of the system use.

Every individual’s property, budget, and home security priorities vary with their divert perspectives; therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all rule nor the right way of installing security cameras. However, here are some tips to consider when installing security cameras.  You can identify the essential steps to take based on the vulnerabilities and security priorities in your home.

outdoor security cameras

Guidelines for Exterior Security Cameras

Best Places for Installation

Front Door

Some individuals might assume that most intruders can climb up from the side entrances; however, statistics prove that 34% of burglars typically sneak from the front door, resulting in the main entrance being the homeowners’ main concern to keep an eye on. In addition, the package thieves can also find an opportunity to strike. The front door has become the most prominent priority and primary place to install security cameras to be extra prudent. A visible security system at the main entrance has the tendency to keep tabs on everyone who passes by, comes in or walks out of your property, from family members and babysitters to maintenance people and servicemen and more.

Back and Side Doors

Apart from the main entrance, other entrance doors should always be kept secured from out-of-site visitors to enter undetected, whether they are invited over or not. In order to guarantee your awarness of the people who enter your home, you can install security cameras for your secondary doors.

The Garage and Driveway

If you store vehicles and other miscellaneous items in the garage and/or driveway, then you should definitely keep an eye in this location. If your garage is detached, the extra layer of security keeps you stay connected to the area, as it can monitor an alternative way of entry to your home. In addition, if you have a gate at the end of your driveway, you may want to place a security camera there as well.

The Yard

Monitoring the yard can allow you to be prudent and keep tabs on the people located around your house. It also comes in handy to track the children’s activities, animals, and trespassers.

Tips for Outdoor Security Camera Placement

  • Install your security cameras between 8-10 feet from the ground. This is the ideal height to catch details, and it allows the camera to be out of reach of burglaries and vandals.
  • Avoid pointing cameras directly in the sun. The bright light and glare can cause high contrast in your footage, making it harder to see what’s going on. It’s preferable to consider the movement of the sun and angle the camera accordingly for indirect light.
  • Decide whether the camera should be visible or not. The visibility of your security camera can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, so it can be an effective thief deterrent. However, visible security cameras can also be targets for vandalism. Some homeowners cunningly install a visible fake decoy camera backed up with a real one that is hidden. Others opt to add heavy-duty hardware embedding the camera to make it more difficult to damage.
  • Secure your camera from the weather elements. Choose a camera that is appropriate for your area’s climate. Although certain cameras are designed to suppress environmental elements, such as rain, it is essential to protect it from being damaged.
Indoor security cameras

Guidelines for Interior Security Cameras

Best Places for Installation

Common Areas

Installing security cameras in the prominent interiors, such as kitchen or living room is a great way to tell what the kids are doing, if the babysitter is attentive, how the pets are behaving, or even to check on household service people like cleaners and repairmen.

The Hallway

The hallway is the staircase to bedrooms and other important rooms. If a watchful eye is kept on the hallway, it will make it more difficult for intruders to stay undetected.

Tips for Indoor Security Camera Placement

  • Corners give the most clear visibility. Hanging cameras at the corners of the room might give you a larger viewpoint.
  • Avoid pointing the camera out the window. Windows can potentially cause reflection issues, resulting in the damage of its image quality. However, if it is necessary to point cameras out the window, positioning the lense as close as possible to the glass and backlighting the outdoor area are two options for glare-minimizing measures to try.
  • Opt to angle for indirect light. As mentioned earlier, direct light can damage your footage for exteriors. Likewise, indoor camera placement should be mindful of lamps, light fixtures, and bright windows. Therefore, it’s preferable to avoid pointing the camera directly toward any source of light.

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